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Xemplar Auto’s smartphone telematics is the leading technology for UBI products, safe driving discounts, safety-as-service, and other risk management strategies to drive profitable growth.

The insurer branded app includes telematics-based gamification for safe driving incentives programs, and policyholder services like premium payment and FNOL to drive end-user adoption and retention.

Insurer-branded telematics solution for risk management

Web portal for exposure analysis and program administration

Hosted on AWS cloud with high-availability and security

API services for seamless integration with core systems and datamarts

Achieve better business outcomes with Xemplar Auto

Lower Loss Ratio

  • Safer driving with driver behavior analysis
  • Target lower risk market segments with powerful risk analytics
  • Safer driving with safety challenges and awards
  • Enhanced fraud detection

Top-line Growth

  • New revenue opportunities with UBI products
  • Attract/retain clients with safety campaigns and incentives
  • Enable agents with in-app promotions
  • Cross sell, upsell with mobile notifications

Improve Retention

  • Better pricing with data-driven premiums
  • Proactive customer communications with mobile notifications
  • Enhanced client experience with mobile policy services
  • More engagement with safe driving incentives

Reduce Expenses

  • Lower costs with one app for telematics & policy services
  • Reduce call center volumes
  • Streamline claims with mobile FNOL with media capture
  • Reduce costs with outsourced mobile development and maintenance

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