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Xemplar Auto provides the technology for implementing UBI products and other risk management strategies to drive profitable growth. The insurer branded telematics app can be bundled with safety incentive programs and other policyholder services to drive end-user adoption, and retention.

Insurer-branded telematics App for risk detection and self-assessment

Web portal for exposure analysis and program administration

Hosted on AWS cloud with high-availability and security

API services for seamless integration with core systems and data marts

Achieve better business outcomes with Xemplar Auto

Lower Loss Ratio

  • Data-driven driving feedback
  • Deeper exposure analysis
  • Efficient claims management
  • Enhanced fraud detection

Improve Retention

  • Competitive pricing on policies
  • Proactive customer engagement
  • Rich policy services on the app
  • Family safety insights

Top-line Growth

  • Launch UBI products
  • Safety programs/discounts
  • Target marketing
  • Agency appreciation

Reduce Expenses

  • Optimize digital spend
  • Drive self-service via app
  • Adjust reserves with new data
  • Lower ULE with partners

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